Simplifying Projects

Simplifing Projects.

        Nowadays , the global projects are becoming very complex.In such complex system,decentralization and simplicity are necessities without which the project could destroy itself.However,decentralization without a mission,organizational support,simple roles and responsibilities and an appropriate project organization may end up producing results that are quite different than those originally intended.

To simplify the projects many developers have given some idea/tools through which the projects can be simplified.Some of the tools that are used to simplify projects are:

  • Checklists : which reduces errors without adding red tape and extensive approval or oversight.
  • Process summits : which allows everyone to clearly see redundancies and inefficiences when looking at the whole system.
  • The trash can : which encorages lean thinking and eliminate waste.
  • Brand strategy : which fosters a focused and customer oriented mindset.
  • Service standards : which give people simple prioritie by which to operate and make decisions.
  • Inclusions : which increases the likelihood of purposefull documents greater buy-in and active engagement.

None of these tools are complex.As reserchers in quantum physics have discovered,complex system have simple roots.Such root gently inspire a direction without trying to predict every possibility.They increase the likelihood of success without trying to dictate or control every move.They allow an organization to operate on the edge of choice,yet remain true to a common purpose.This is the power of simplicity.

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