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Overcoming Google Search Algorithm

Introduction is now holding 1st rank in Google. The Website belongs to Dr Vivek Kumar who is the  Owner &  head doctor at “Allergy Asthma Clinic & sleep Apnea Research Center” in Bihar.

Problem 1: There are very few doctors with “Allergy & Immunology specialization” degree in India. There are Patients with chronic Allergy and diseases due to allergy.

To take this treatment all across India they needed their information to be visible to everyone who is searching about allergy.

Solution 1: We created strategy specific to them. It included their Brand new logo, website, social media  handles  &  Continuous SEO.

We followed the strategy and achieved 1st page results within 3 months. By the end of 6th month we got 1st Rank in Google for all the targeted keywords.  


We achieved 1st Rank in Google. We din’t even go to 2nd page of search results. Now, we have been here in 1st page for last 5 years. For most of our targeted keywords, 1st rank is always there.

Problem 2: As we know Google keep on updating their Search algorithm, it makes big changes in ranking of webpages. Because of this, SEO has become a tedious job. Very few SEO Service providers, guarantees ranking results.

Solution 2: As we have been here in IT Services with SEO for almost 10 years now, we have good experience on multiple Projects. We can see changes coming forward, we can see how its moving ahead. We follow local SEO, natural SEO and User’s Search behaviors to update our SEO strategies and because of this we have been successful in holding our rank for last 5 years now.